UFO Shape Jar

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The unique and low-profile design of the UFO-shaped loose powder jar showcases a distinctive and elegant style. With multiple sizes to choose from, it comes with a variety of designs including a window lid and a flat lid. The color can be customized, and the jar and cap themselves can also be printed with a logo. This UFO-shaped loose powder jar is not only a product, but also a showcase of your brand image.

F0345A (3ml)
F0338A (3ml)
F0338B (3ml)
F0338F (3ml)
F0338FC (3ml)
F0338FR (3ml)
F0340A (3ml)
F0340B (3ml)
F0340F (3ml)
F0340FC (3ml)
F0340FR (3ml)
F0550A (5ml)
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