UFO Shape Jar

Plastic Containers for Cosmetics OEM, ODM
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Integrity Cosmetic Container Industrial Co., Ltd is manufacturer and supplier of UFO shape jar, small cosmetic pots, cosmetic pot and small pot in Taiwan. We always deliver first-class technology, rigid quality management, precise product dimensions, rapid lead-times and competitive cost advantages. If you are interested in our cosmetic pot and small cosmetic pots products, welcome to contact us online.

F0345A (3ml)
F0338A (3ml)
F0338B (3ml)
F0338F (3ml)
F0338FC (3ml)
F0338FR (3ml)
F0340A (3ml)
F0340B (3ml)
F0340F (3ml)
F0340FC (3ml)
F0340FR (3ml)
F0550A (5ml)
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