Compact Case

Plastic Containers for Cosmetics OEM, ODM
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The compact case provides various sizes and designs to meet your different needs. Additionally, if you require a special size of compact case, we can customize it according to your requirements, making your product stand out. In addition to providing excellent products, we also value our customers' brand image.

Therefore, all compact cases can be customized and printed with your brand logo, making your brand image more prominent. Let the JENG WUEI compact case be the best partner for your high-quality cosmetics. Contact us now!

Compact Case B0338A (3ml)
B0338A (3ml)
Compact Case B0338B (3ml)
B0338B (3ml)
Compact Case B0338F (3ml)
B0338F (3ml)
Compact Case B0338FC (3ml)
B0338FC (3ml)
Compact Case B0338FR (3ml)
B0338FR (3ml)
Compact Case B0738A (7ml)
B0738A (7ml)
Compact Case B0738B (7ml)
B0738B (7ml)
Compact Case B0738F (7ml)
B0738F (7ml)
Compact Case B0738FC (7ml)
B0738FC (7ml)
Compact Case B0738FR (7ml)
B0738FR (7ml)
Compact Case B0550A (5ml)
B0550A (5ml)
Compact Case B0550B (5ml)
B0550B (5ml)
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