PET Refillable Bottle

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The external material of the outer bottle is clear PET, while the internal material adopts gloss pearl white PET with diamond-grid pattern, creating shiny appearance and hard texture. It's suitable to bottle water-based or creamy contents.

  • Inner Bottle
    The bottle is refillable. You can replace the Inner Bottle with a new one after you use up the contents. It's both wallet and environment friendly.
    - Material: PP/PET
    - Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml
  • Neck
    The neck of the bottle meets international standards. It fits 18T (18/415) and 24T (24/410) pump or sprayer.
  • Overcap
    The overcap is UV resistant, antioxidant, and stain resistant. It can also prevent its contents from deterioration.

The product is designed with the concept of green Earth. We believe each one of us can play a part in Earth protection.

UE-30 (30ml) PET Refillable Bottle
UE-30 (30ml)
UE-50 (50ml) PET Refillable Bottle
UE-50 (50ml)
UE-100 (100ml) PET Refillable Bottle
UE-100 (100ml)