Serum Dropper Bottle

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Elevate the quality of your product now! Our serum dropper bottles come in sizes of 3ml, 5ml, and 7ml and are made of (HDPE) material, suitable for filling various serum and skincare products. In addition to practicality, we also focus on the appearance design of the product, carefully matching it with a dedicated base and an outer cover to make your product more delicate and noble. Moreover, our serum dropper bottles have undergone strict quality inspection and testing to ensure durability and stability. Choosing our serum dropper bottles is definitely the key to the success of your brand.

Serum Dropper Bottle (3ml)
Serum Dropper Bottle (5ml)
Serum Dropper Bottle (7ml)
SEA-Serum Dropper Bottle
SEB-Serum Dropper Bottle