Makeup Jar

Plastic Containers for Cosmetics OEM, ODM
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We offer high-end plastic jar suitable for various cosmetics, such as loose powder, cream, and travel kit, with convenient portability and versatile functionality. Additionally, we can customize product colors and LOGO according to your needs, making your brand more unique and showcasing your style. Let our high-end plastic jar help you create more attractive and practical products. Contact us now!

Makeup Jar C0231A (2ml)
C0231A (2ml)
Makeup Jar C0331A (3ml)
C0331A (3ml)
Makeup Jar C0331FR (3ml)
C0331FR (3ml)
Makeup Jar A0431F (4ml)
A0431F (4ml)
Makeup Jar A0531A (5ml)
A0531A (5ml)
Makeup Jar A0531FR (5ml)
A0531FR (5ml)
Makeup Jar C0538A (5ml)
C0538A (5ml)
Makeup Jar C0538B (5ml)
C0538B (5ml)
Makeup Jar C0538F (5ml)
C0538F (5ml)
Makeup Jar C0538FC (5ml)
C0538FC (5ml)
Makeup Jar C0538FR (5ml)
C0538FR (5ml)
Makeup Jar T0531A (5ml)
T0531A (5ml)
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