Loose Powder Jar

Plastic Containers for Cosmetics OEM, ODM
We provide the best service

Our company provides multiple sizes and different style of loose powder jars. Except for the material of jar could be changed according to client's requirement, we could provide service of customzied molding and designing. In addition, our flip-up sifter obtains internation patent, the flip-up sifter could close and open repeatly and has good function of anti-leakage that makes consumer more convienent to carry out.

  • Flip-up sifter - Lockable Design
  • Multiple sizes from 1g-500g
  • Customized design with Logo
  • speed-up production, stable quality
  • Certification with ISO9001, SA8000
  • Solutions from designing on product - sampling - production - delivery
EA0531A (5ml)
EA0531FR (5ml)
EH0531A (5ml)
EH0531FR (5ml)
EH0538A (5ml)
EH0538B (5ml)
EH0538F (5ml)
EH0538FC (5ml)
EH0538FR (5ml)
EA0727FR (7ml)
EH0727FR (7ml)
EA0838A (8ml)
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