Powder Jars With Sifter / EAA Series (3ml~25ml)  

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Powder Jars With Sifter, Integrity Cosmetic Container
EAA Series (3ml~25ml)

EAAC0331 :3ml/0.106 oz. W31 H40.7
EAAT0531: 5ml/0.176 oz. W31 H47
EAAC0538: 5ml/0.176 oz. W37.3 H57.3
EAA0531: 5ml/0.176 oz. W31 H42
EAA0727: 7ml/0.246 oz. W27 H62
EAA0838: 8ml/0.282 oz. W38 H44.2
EAA1038: 10ml/0.352 oz. W38 H45
EAA1231: 12ml/0.422 oz. W31 H62.3
EAA1838: 18ml/0.634 oz. W37.3 H55.1
EAA2538: 25ml/0.88oz. W37.3 H57.3