Hexagonal Loose Powder Jar & Square Loose Powder Jar

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The unique hexagonal and square powder jar designs can be paired with a variety of different cap and sifter styles, allowing you to choose the perfect combination that suits your preferences. In order to promote sustainability and environmental protection, we also use eco-friendly materials in the production process, and can customize the product color to create a unique style. Additionally, we offer printing services to make your brand product stand out even more. By choosing our powder jars, you can not only showcase your taste and unique style, but also support environmental conservation efforts and contribute to a healthier planet.

EH0525FCH (5ml)
EH0725FCH (7ml)
EH0925FCH (9ml)
EH0525FR (5ml)
EH0725FR (7ml)
EH0925FR (9ml)
ES0525FCH (5ml)
ES0725FCH (7ml)
ES0925FCH (9ml)
ES0525FR (5ml)
ES0725FR (7ml)
ES0925FR (9ml)
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